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Remote Payment Services for Dynamics GP

Remote Payment Services: Time-Limited Promotion

Product price is waived from October 1st – December 31st, 2022

Mekorma’s outsourcing program relieves your AP team from several of the most labor-intensive, manual tasks in the payment process.

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With Mekorma Remote Payment Services, you'll be able to streamline the last mile of your payment process, give your vendors more payment options, and save your AP team a lot of unnecessary busy work.

2022 Product Cost: $4,000* 

2023 Product Cost: $4750*

Q4 Promotional Product Cost: $0*

*Implementation & Ongoing Service Costs Apply

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Promotion ends and product prices increase in 2023 – you’ve got three months to save big!

When we were only using Mekorma and still printing our own checks, it was nice –the big time saver was having signatures print on the checks and not having to find someone to sign them. Once we switched to payment outsourcing, we didn't have to print and mail our checks anymore - that was where the huge time savings came in. Now my two AP team members are doing MUCH more important things and taking care of housekeeping type activities that had been overlooked. Kelly Shoebotham, Senior Accounting Manager - Havtech